Zack Gilbert
1408 N Paulina St. Unit 2
Chicago, IL 60622

What is this charge on my credit card statement?

If you have a charge on your credit card statement of Zack Gilbert (or a variation) then it would be from one of our applications you've purchased:
billQ flint

Who is Zack Gilbert?

I am a web developer, originally from Rochester, NY but now living in Chicago, IL. I was a founding member of Adams Gilbert Company, a small company located in Rochester, NY responsible for creating web-based applications like Flint, SBE and billQ.

What happened to Adams Gilbert Company?

Nick and I have since parted ways, working on different projects. I have since taken full responsibility for all of our clients.

Why doesn't the charge show up as what I'm paying for?

It's a long story, and it has to do with how our payment processor operates, but currently we don't have the ability to have the name of the charge on your statement reflect the specific application you're paying for. So instead, the name of the charge is the name of our company.

How do I cancel this charge?

If you are a billQ user, just login to your account and click the Account tab in the top-right corner. On that screen, you can either downgrade to the Free version of billQ by clicking the Plan tab, or you can cancel your account completely from the Cancel tab. Either method will stop you from being charged beyond your current billing cycle (either the current month, or current year).

If you are a Flint user, then please send Zack an email at or submit a help ticket in the Manage Account section in your Flint Admin.

Still need help?

Email me at